The Tide is Turning?

Just when I’d given up — almost completely — on The OC, the show delivers what was easily the best episode since the first season. Seth, Summer, Ryan and the gang dealt with real high school issues for once — choosing a college — and even the Julie Cooper storyline felt real. No insane schemes, or stalker boyfriends, murder plots… just honest human problems. (The scene of Marissa agonizing over writing the essay on the application was bad, but she has always been the show’s weak link.) I’m sure something stupid is coming in January, but I can only hope Josh Schwartz wised up and realized all the over-the-top storylines were not what The OC is all about — the characters. That, and Ryan punching people.

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  1. I had given up on watching. I stopped when I realized that i was fast forwarded through most of the first four eps this season. Maybe I'll give it a chance when it comes back in January.

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