Sound Bites Interview: The Darkness

This is a continuing series of interviews in which musicians talk about food, and chefs talk about music. The Darkness are the finest rock band ever to hail from Lowestoft, England. 

Darkness_interviewSoundBites: What’s the best hangover food?

Dan Hawkins (guitar): I like chicken noodle soup.

Richie Edwards (bass): Really bad food like Burger King really cures my ills.

Justin Hawkins (vocals, guitar): I find a really nice flavoured lemon ice lolly before you do anything — then you’re off.

Ed Graham (drums): There’s a place in London, Soho, called Mr. Woo’s. It’s a Chinese Buffet. All you can eat for five Pounds. [whole band cracks up. Mr. Woo’s is somewhat infamous – ed]

Dan: Trouble is you’ve got to get down there.

Ed: If I’ve got a hangover, I get a cab and go straight into town.

Dan: But that’s £7.50 already, then.

Ed: Well, the cab’s more than the dinner [Laughter]… but it’s perfect for a hangover.

SoundBites: Justin, can you eat what you want and still fit into the catsuit?

Justin: I eat everything. I eat to the point of bursting at every opportunity. My concession to it is to try and eat slightly less. But it never works out.

Dan: You end up having like six main meals a day.

Justin: I do the J Plan. It’s a celebrity diet sort of thing. I’m writing a book about it — to help others. Here’s how it works. Basically, three days a week — don’t eat anything. Don’t sleep either. The other four days just eat two meals for every one. And if worst come to worst, bulimia. [Laughter]

Ed: Justin, I don’t think you should be advising other people to do that.

Justin: Obviously, not everyone can live on the J Plan.

Dan: Including Jay.

Ed: Previously I was on the Ed Plan, which was very similar, but I only lasted a week.

Justin: The J Plan is a good one, but it’s expensive.

SoundBites: What food is the penguin bringing you in the "One Way Ticket" video?

Richie: It’s a curry. The most expensive curry ever purchased, I think.

Ed: It was about £500, or $1000, ’cause in Iceland, it’s such a remote place, everything has to be imported. But it was worth it.

The Darkness’ way-over-the-top second album, One Way Ticket to Hell… And Back!, is out now. It goes well with just about any food, from pizza and beer to braised striped bass with razor clam gratinée and a flute of Krug Grand Cuvee. Thanks to Erich Scholz for asking the questions.

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