A Series of Sneaks

Vmars207_116_1I’ll say it again: Veronica Mars is, currently, the best-written show on television — a crown formerly held by Gilmore Girls. (It’s still #2.) Another title Veronica Mars seems to be aiming for is Coolest Music on a TV show, once also held by Gilmore Girls, then usurped by The O.C. The show isn’t there yet but they’re trying.

Earlier in the season, Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols (whose "We Used to Be Friends" is the VM theme song) had a cameo on the show in a scene at a karaoke bar. Word is Spoon‘s Britt Daniel will appear in a similar karaoke cameo in an episode airing January 25, singing Elvis Costello’s "Veronica."

Veronica_mars_gamehensSeriously. Veronica Mars may look like a dumb teen detective series, but it’s the classiest hour on television. Veronica Mars – The Complete First Season
is now on DVD and is a great way to kill time while you’re stuck at
your parent’s house over the holidays with nothing to do. Season Two is
even better, with the "mystery of the week" much more integrated into
the bigger, season-long mystery which is getting about as juicy the game hens she roasted last on last night’s episode. (In addition to being whip-smart, funny and easy-on-the-eyes, did I mention Veronica can also cook?) If you
want to jump in mid-season, fansite Mars Investigations will get you up to speed, but the Season Two premiere airs again December 14 at 9PM on UPN. Don’t worry — Lost is a repeat. Now’s your chance.

UPDATE: Pitchfork spoke with Daniel about his VM appearance, what’s next for Spoon and his impending move to Portland. Sorry, Texas!


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