Vitamen, We Hardly Knew Ye

VitamenThe Vitamen write songs about depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and wrecked relationships. Before you go slit your wrists, their songs are funny. Funny painful, like Albert Brooks. (They are kind of the musical equivalent of Modern Romance.) And super-catchy. And musically competent. More than competent — impressive actually. Kind of early-’80s guitar pop a la Elvis Costello or Split Enz.

Jesse, Matt and Dave have known each other since they were wee ones, and the band has been rocking for nearly five years, releasing three clever, competent albums — most recently the awesome Children of the Bear.

And it’s all coming to an end tonight. Like so many awesome bands who never quite seem to get enough attention as the members hit their ’30s, The Vitamen are calling it a day. But not before one last booze-fueled night of fun and frolicking. The Vitamen Extravaganza, as it’s been dubbed by the band, happens tonight at the Mercury Lounge. If you’ve never seen them before, you can play catch-up by downloading a bunch of mp3s from their website and them shout them out drunkenly like you’ve been a fan all along. They hit the stage at 11:30PM and will play till kicked off, probably.

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  1. plz show me a details of vitamenes(all typesof vitamena e.g A,B,C etc)

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