This is pretty much the worst video ever made

When you make a little indie movie that you didn’t get paid to be in, that hasn’t come out yet, I guess you still take any gig you can get. Like being the Outrageous Guy on the box of a board game:

And then that little indie movie, Napoleon Dynamite, comes out and become this huge cult hit. Suddenly, maybe, you regret the taking that job.

Quip It! could be a good game, though, if you’re playing with funny people. Here’s the description:

Scene It Quip It DVD Game ScreenLife.

It’s all in how you see it

does your mind go when you witness life’s stranger than fiction
moments? Find out when you play Quip It!, where players take turns
trying to guess which player wrote which quip for bizarre pictures,
unusual film clips and other on-screen oddities. The more right guesses
you make, the more points you score and the more points you score, the
better. Be spontaneous, be unpredictable, be edgy-it doesn’t matter, so
long as you Quip It! good.

Game Includes: * 1 DVD
    * Round Score Board
    * 8 Scoring Tokens
    * Score Pad
    * Dry Erase Board and Pen
    * 8 Pencils
    * Answer Pad
    * Set of Game instruction

Quip It! does not come with any sweet jumps or ligers. Minus ten points for uttering the phrase "quip it good!"

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