The Hep Alien Massacre

Someone on the Gilmore Girls staff is obviously a big fan of indie rock doc DIG! Earlier in the season, Kirk compared the supposed rivalry between Sookie’s two infants, who were being baptized, to that of Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor.

Gilmoregirls_joelgion3_2But this week’s episode, titled "He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread…Dig?," takes the cake, with the  b-story being a full on DIG! homage/parody. Lane was all excited that her band, Hep Alien (a name that is nearly as bad as Test Icicles), was going to play a Big Industry Showcase with real label A&R types there and everything!  But she was sad that Zach, her boyfriend and the band’s frontman, only wrote songs about girls but none titled "Lane." Then dorky bassist Brian writes a song called "Lane" and plays it for everyone — which makes Zach really jealous.

It’s time for the Big Industry Showcase and Zach is nowhere to be found. He finally shows up at the club minutes before Hep Alien’s start time, telling everyone he’s hired a tambourine player and he’d like them to meet the band’s newest member… Joel!

Dig_joelAnd out walks former BJM member Joel Gion, muttonchops and all. I have to admit I did an honest-to-goodness spit-take.

Obviously this doesn’t go over so well and the scene is basically a recreation of the Viper Room scene in DIG! — minus the profanity — complete with an on-stage melee and the curtain being drawn while Joel stands in front of it, sort of scooting off to the side. Zach even says afterward, "they broke my headset mike!" — which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as "they fucking broke my fucking sitar" but it’s as close as Star’s Hollow is going to get.

I kept waiting for a little meta humor, like a closeup of Joel saying "here we go again…" with some "wah wah" trumpet, but it didn’t happen.

Gilmoregirls_joelgion2While I love DIG! and love Gilmore Girls, this storyline was pretty weak, mainly because Hep Alien (which is already a bit of a goof, as Sebastian Bach plays 40-something guirist, Gil) has only ever been shown as a somewhat competent cover band. That said, I would love for Joel to become a Stars Hollow townie, he would fit right in as is.

On the plus side, this week’s episode featured a lot of Sookie in the kitchen, though it looked as if they were carving the turkey straight across the front of the bird, which is pretty much impossible to do and no chef of Sookie’s stature would ever do.

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