Review | No Direction Home: Bob Dylan – The Cookie

Bobdylancookie_1When our foremost modern film director turns his sights on the great modern singer-songwriter, a definitive documentary is assured. But when that work is then turned into a shortbread cookie sent to journalists and retail buyers as Holiday Food Schwag, can one also expect the quintessential music doc treat?

Alas, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan – The Cookie Bobdylancookie_eaten_2is a rather lifeless confection — even moreso than Knocked Out Loaded. It’s barely more than a cover version of standard Black & White cookie except a food printer was cleverly used on the icing to make it resemble the cover art. Don’t stick this in your DVD player, folks! The cookie itself was edible but rather bland — shades of  Down in the Groove — but the icing had no flavor notes apart from sweet. That said, it was still better than Masked & Anonymous. I ate the whole thing.


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