Elbow at Hiro Tonight Sold Out

ElbowYou can still get tickets Tickets are now SOLD OUT for tomorrow’s Elbow show at Hiro Ballroom — their only North American performance this year. Hope you got ’em. The band’s brilliant third album, Leaders of the Free World, is easily one of the year’s best, even if their label, V2, are pretending it’s not out until 2006 (when it will be released with a companion DVD). Spending a year at home (Manchester, England) with their families, making music and babies, did wonders for the band, and invigorated the big yet somber sound found on their previous two albums. Elbow are quite magnetic performers, and I can’t wait to hear how songs like "Picky Bugger" and "Mexican Standoff" come off live.

Frontman Guy Garvey twisted his ankle a week ago and is walking with a cane (he was on Tuesday morning, at least), but as he often peforms sitting on a stool anyway this shouldn’t affect things too much. The band normally has an impressive light show, but the band told me the Hiro show will be a somewhat stripped down affair, with guitarist Mark Potter’s father-in-law filling in for their regular guitar tech!

UPDATE: Opening band is Mazarin (thanks, Erin!) who I saw play with the Brian Jonestown Massacre a month or so ago at Bowery Ballroom. Trippy stuff and they had an old-school psychedelic light show via two film projectors. Mazarin are on at 7:30ish according to their website, and Elbow are on at 9PM (according to V2).

POST-SHOW UPDATE: No Mazarin, just a very friendly Elbow in front of a very appreciative crowd. Great show, despite some equipment snafus that actually turned out to perhaps make the show even more special. What amazingly nice guys.

Also: Look for an interview with Garvey, Potter and bassist Pete Turner on these pages very soon.


  1. Thanks djlp… updated. I'm not sure if anyone's opening or not, even though the ticketweb page says "plus special guests." it may just be "an evening with elbow," which would be just fine with me.

  2. vegan posted doors 7pm
    opener at 8 tba?
    elbow around 9
    i think they do a club thing ther at 11pm

  3. That's pretty normal, that we have good and bad things in our life and in music either, because that's a huge part of human's life as well. I hope, this year will be better and we won't loose that many amazing musicians. At least, I already bought Elbow tickets at <a href="https://ticketselect.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>https://ticketselect.co.uk/ and will definitely have awesome musical year.

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