Brooklyn Band Most Likely to Have Song in an Episode of Grey’s Anatomy

WINNER: Au Revoir Simone

Aurevoirsimone_1 I kid, I kid… but you just know it’s going to happen, with their minimal, skittery beats, bloopy bleeps, catchy melodies, and charming girl vocals, Au Revoir Simone are perfect for ABC’s hit medical drama. The song will likely be "Back in Time" and used during some scene where Meredith is sitting around alone in her big house, forlorn, wondering why it didn’t work out between her and Dr. McDreamy.


Or perhaps she’ll be remembering better times, before her mother developed Alzheimer’s. She may or may not be eating ice cream during this scene. During the instrumental break, there will be voice over: "Dylan said don’t look back… but sometimes memories are all you have." Fade to credits.

Au Revoir Simone‘s debut, Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation, is actually quite the lovely record. Won’t you buy a copy…stat?

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