Wolf Parade | NorthSix | 10/25

Very good show from these endlessly hyped Canadians (which is a somewhat redundant phrase these days) but not the transporting experience some were hyping them as. Which is pretty much how I feel about Wolf Parade‘s album, Apologies to Queen Mary. It’s good, but don’t quite understand all the fuss. There were plenty of people who felt differently, however, and they were whooping and hollering and clapping and just the right points in songs that required clapping. I prefer the songs the keyboardist Spencer King sings (especially "You Are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son," my fave on the album. Yes, I have listened past the first track) to those of guitarist Dan Boeckner, who kinda both looks and sounds like the dude from Eddie & the Cruisers. (Technically he sounds kinda like John Cafferty of Beaver Brown Band fame who actually sang the song; Michael Paré lip-synched in the movie.)

I missed openers Think About Life and Dante DeCaro, apparently my loss. As I waited to to get my Will Call tickets, some dude with an ENORMOUS back pack came down the steps shouting to anyone who cared to pay attention, "You just missed the best fucking band ever." I was like "Well, dude with enormous backpack, you just missed the best Gilmore Girls episode of the season so far," though I didn’t actually say it out loud. He looked like the kind of guy who only watches The Family Guy. I later saw this guy in the middle of the crowd during Wolf Parade’s set still wearing his enormous backpack. I know I’m uptight, but this is highly inconsiderate, right? This thing stuck out a foot from his back. A whole other person could have been standing there. How much stuff do you really need with you at all times?

But I digress. I like that almost all the current Canadian groups put effort into making their shows entertaining in an unforced way. The other guitarist had chimes hanging off his mike stand that he hit with a drumstick often, and he also had what looked like a muffler that he beat on as well. But Wolf Parade, for me, are lower on my list than Stars or Arcade Fire or certainly the Dears (who are the best of all of them and probably Live Band of 2005 as far as I’m concerned — hey really don’t get the love they deserve) or Sloan or Eric’s Trip or the rest. (Wolf Parade are better that DFA1979, though.)

But, great, great show. I’m talking about Gilmore Girls, of course. "It’s like I’m drinking a My Little Pony." And one of the DAR ladies was named Catherine Thurston-Moore. Wolf Parade aren’t bad either.

More reviews and pictures: BrooklynVegan, Central Village

Wolf Parade play NYU’s Eisner & Lubin Auditorium tomorrow (Thursday, 10/27) with the very worthwhile Dirty on Purpose opening (get there and don’t miss ’em… they’re in a zone right now).



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