Union Square Greenmarket — 10.7.2005

10705greenmarketrorangecauliflowerOrange Cauliflower has 25 times the beta-carrotine of regular Cauliflower.

10705greenmarketrpurplecauliflowerPurple Cauliflower has 25 times the purpleness of regular Cauliflower. I’m told it’s actually more in the broccoli family.

10705greenmarketromanescoRomanesco is an Italian vegetable related to cauliflower and broccoli — perhaps nature’s most psychedelic-looking food.

More pics after the jump.

10705greenmarketgrapesUnfortunately, these grapes didn’t taste as amazing as they looked.

10705greenmarketbeansBehold the many varieties of the "musical fruit."

10705greenmarketpumkinThis little girl was going nuts for these pumpkins.

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