Too Many Egg Pun Headlines to Choose

EggIn the morning, before Sparky’s in Williamsburg becomes Sparky’s, it is Egg. Locally sourced ingredients, skilfully, tastily prepared. It may be the best breakfast in the WB. Those quality raw materials aren’t cheap, though, and Egg is not likely replace anyone’s daily dollar egg-n-cheese sandwich breakfast. Things started off quiet (and is still relatively so on weekdays), but at weekend brunch there now has a line out the door by 11 AM. And now you can be ready for things to get even worse for brunch, as Egg is this week’s Diner’s Journal in the NY Times. Unless you plan on going at 9 AM this weekend, forget about it.

Egg only goes till Noon. What I don’t get is why they don’t extend Brunch hours to at least 2 PM on weekends. Even at it’s busiest, Sparky’s is never as jumping as when it’s Egg on weekends. Certainly the demand is there, especially now that Oznots is closed. And everyone — the Egg folk, the Sparky’s folk, and us hungry folk — could benefit from a longer window of enjoying those fluffy pancakes, stone-cut oatmeal, and free-range eggs.

Egg, at Sparky’s: 135 North Fifth Street between Bedford and Berry. (718) 302-5151.

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