Come See the Softer Side of Joe Pernice

From the Pernice Brothers mailing list…

Apparently the use of our tune "There Goes the Sun" in a Sears ad was seen by roughly 50 trillion people. As I own many high-quality Craftsman tools (and I like to eat food) I had little-to-no problem with it. A few years back, Errol Morris made a European TV spot for the booze Southern Comfort and used one of my songs for that. Besides thinking Mr. Morris is a genius (Thin Blue Line, Vernon, Florida, The Fog of War, Gates of Heaven etc.) I have certainly given the Southern Comfort people plenty of money in my day, and thought it was high time they give a little back.

I also want to thank the kind people at The Gilmore Girls for including "Saddest Quo" in an episode this season. Everyone at Ashmont Records, Inc. has been a fan of the show since the start, so it continues to be a kick for us to be involved. We’re just little people, and they are giants. And for the record, I’d pick the mother.

Joe also has just posted the 3rd installment of his Joe Pernice: Cribs video series, this time focusing on what’s in his garage. CribsridesHis rides are all pretty much pimp-free. And is it just me or is Joe looking a lot like Elvis Costello circa Mighty Like a Rose? Oh… and please buy The Pernice Brothers’ latest, Discover a Lovelier You, a real peach of a pop record. Those scooters don’t grow on trees, you know.


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