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Basement Jaxx – "Do Your Thing"

Basementjaxxmontage_1Like Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers, dance duo Basement Jaxx are pretty much expected to have a cutting edge video, even if you could care less about the song itself. Which is the case for "Do Your Thing," the kind of fluffy track you fully expect to be appropriated for some sort of Burger King ad (and I’m not just saying that because one of the t-shirts riffs on BK’s ’70s logo) touting choice of toppings. It’s the sort of song your parents probably wouldn’t hate.

But the video is really clever, filmed in a park with t-shirt slogans substituting for lyric subtitles. It’s the music video directorial debut of Kim Gehrig, who previously worked for cutting-edge UK ad agency Mother. It seems like the kind of idea Michel Gondry would’ve come up with if his verbal SAT scores had been higher than his math. The idea is simple and has been executed perfectly, working great as a short film though it’s probably not going to make anyone want to go out and buy Basement Jaxx’s new singles compilation which this is from.

Watch it here.

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