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The Chalets – "Feel the Machine"

Chalets_feelmontage_1Here’s the case of an okay song elevated by great visual ideas. The Chalets play  synth-heavy, but still crunchy, new wave (they sound like Bis to me); "Feel The Machine" is catchy, but not especially memorable. The same cannot be said for the video, created by whiz kids D.A.D.D.Y., that basically puts them inside a 3-D computer desktop — where the cursor plays havoc with the band while they try and perform. The clip has even gotten the thumbs up from Mark Romanek, who some might consider to be the Steven Speilberg of music video directors.

The "Feel the Machine" video has been out for a while — you’ve probably seen it if you’re a regular visitor to  — and there’s a video from the D.A.D.D.Y. folks for their latest single "No Style," but it seemed like a good choice for the innagural Video of the Week.

The Chalets played CMJ this year, though I realized it too late. Did anyone go see them?

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  1. A workable proposition indeed for the people. The chalets play amazing music, great to here them all the time.

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