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the 10 best albums of 2002 (no order)
hell has frozen over – there are no british bands on bill’s top ten list, but many of the americans (and canadians) found here are rocking in an english style. the rest of europe is well represented, though.

the soundtrack of our livesbehind the music (universal)
it to the swedes. a little bit of the who, a Music dollup of the rolling
stones, a dash of spirit’s earth mother kookiness… you’ll swear this
is some lost classic from 1972. it rocks. it’s groovy. the lyrics are,
like, out there, man! the lead singer looks like dan haggerty as
a trappist monk, the rest of the band play like they’re taking their
finals Grants in Rock Moves 101. fifteen songs and all of them are excellent.


hot hot heatmake up the breakdown (sub pop)
did you hear?
1981 is the new black. most bands are just posers, rip-off artists, but
hot hot heat have absorbed the nervy sounds of gang of four, xtc, joe
jackson, dexy’s midnight runners, the cure, etc. and made it cheap nba jerseys their own. There are so many little parts on this record that are just perfect, right on.

flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots (warner bros.)
is nowhere near as good as the flaming lips’ | 1999 masterwork, the soft
bulletin, this is still a fine record from one of the most interesting
bands around today. the four-song "concept" of the title that opens the
record doesn’t do much for me, but then wayne coyne and company turn on
their modern psychedelia and the rainbows flow from the speakers.

interpolturn on the bright lights (matador)
darker side of 1981 turns up on this NYC bands debut, steeped
chameleons, the smiths, comsat angels, joy division and, er, red lorry
yellow lorry. like HHH, interpol take their influences as a launching
point, not as something to copy exactly. a classic for kids who aren’t
happy, but don’t like their angst from the korns of the world that
sounds best really, really loud.

nada surfFidelity let go (heavenly uk)
i never got nada surf‘s
breakthrough hit, "popular," and dismissed them immediately after. but
i saw an acoustic performance earlier this year that really made me
re-evaluate them and then i got a copy of let go and wondered if they
had drastically become a much better band or if i just never gave them
a chance. either way, this is a great pop record and every song is a
winner. with everyone praising weezer, nada surf deserve a chance too. let go is currently import-only, but comes out on 2001| barsuk records in february.

lali puna – scary world theory (morr music)
this german group make chillout music in the vein of stereolab or broadcast, but lali puna‘s
seems more natural, organic, warm. scary world theory is just a lovely
album perfect for lazy sunday mornings or long drives in the car.
reccomended to anyone who digs the aformentioned bands, as well as
boards of canada and bjork’s last couple of records. beautiful and

spoonkill the moonlight (merge)
used to be a bunch of pixies imitators but morphed into one of the
better American bands around, though they sound like they’re listening
to a lot of British stuff (bowie, t-rex, rod stewart and elvis costello
come to mind). the production is really stripped-down and you can hear
every instrument as clear as a bell. the hooks are undeniable: witness
the pop majesty of "Paper Tiger," "Someone Something" and "You Gotta
Feel It." Yet it totally rocks too and they do it all in 35 minutes.

fischerspooner#1 (ministry of sound)
i didn’t want to like this CD or this band, but there’s no denying it’s fun. fischerspooner
are probably the preiminent wholesale mlb jerseys "electroclash" band — i.e. NYC hipsters
who ape ’80s synth pop like gary numan, human league and the normal. oh
it’s so ironic! well, yes, but this album is ironic and good. some of
the lyrics are a little out-there and goofy, but there’s no doubt about
the ice-cool beats and retro-melodies. capitol is re-releasing this
next year, so you’re warned.

cornelius point (matador)
elaborate and amazing as this japanese band’s live shows are, listening
to their albums might be considered missing the,er, point. their last
american release, fantasma, was a greatest hits of their japanese CDs
and it felt like it. but there’s nothing disjointed about point.
in fact, try and pull this apart and it doesn’t work at all, you need
to listen to the whole thing, in order to really get it. it’s like
exploration and theories on a single groove. and it’s brilliant, in a
krautrock sort of way. but if you get a chance go see them wholesale jerseys live… it’s

the also-rans: royksoppmelody a.m., search of…, the soft boysnextdoorland, jurassic 5strength in numbers, dovesthe last broadcast, sugababesangels with dirty faces, the coralthe coral, the streetsoriginal pirate material, edwyn collinsdr. syntax, radio 4gotham!, clinicwalking Signage with thee, ed harcourthere be monsters, coldplaya rush of blood to the head, lunaromantica, david bowieheathen, queens of the stoneagesongs for the deaf, ashfree all angels, badly drawn boyhave you fed the fish?

singles of the year: sugababes – "freak like me," the rapture – "house of jealous lovers"
best record i forgot came out this year ’cause i had it last year (and classify it as so): wilcoyankee hotel foxtrot
biggest letdown: dj shadowthe private press; boards of canadageodaddi

best live act: the polyphonic spree; the soundtrack of our lives; wholesale nfl jerseys cornelius.


  1. I saw that nada surf tour in USA now, it's great opportunity to visit their concert. On my bad last time when their was in Dallas I was busy with my exams and couldn't visit them! =(

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