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Top ten of 2001

ShinsOh Inverted World Beautiful
melodies and even more beautiful words. Think the Zombies updated for
the 00s. The only record this year I felt a need to really spread the
word about.

Pernice BrothersThe World Won’t End In
a perfect world, you’d be hearing every song on this Best album on Top 40
radio. But since that won’t happen, they’ve 【画像】 mixed this as if it was.
Not since the Fountains of Wayne’s first album has there been pop this
perfect. Minus half a point for sounding too much like ELO a couple
times of the record.

StarsNightsongs Delicate tunes, sensitive lyrics and production that seems right off a Pet Shop Boys album. What’s not to like?

SloanPretty Together Sloan
are so smart that they reinvent themselves on every album out of sheer
boredom. Still trolling the 70s, this time they have melded KISS and
Fleetwood Mac and yet they still sound like Sloan. Not as good d’Auzon as Between the Bridges, but really excellent nonetheless.

Grant-Lee PhilipsMobilize GLP
isn’t as Americana-sounding as he was in his Grant Lee Buffalo days and
has embraced technology. That’s a good thing. His songs are still great
and his voice is amazing. Plus he’s on the Gilmore Girls, not that that’s a reason to put his album on a top ten list.

Hefner Dead Media
Songwriting-wise, Hefner’s Darren Hayman is doing the same thing he
always does — arch, literate odes to love, sex and cheap nba jerseys breaking up. On Dead Media though, almost all of it is played on old analog synths with some slide guitar for good measure. Smiths fans will like it.

Stephen MalkmusStephen Malkmus SM 2012 ditches Pavement and makes his most enjoyable record since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.
He’s also aiming for guitar-god status, with some boogie-rock solos
mixed in with his Lou Reed fixations and songs about Yul Brenner.

Zero 7The Simple Things Yes,
it sounds like Air meeting Morcheeba is some hip London club, but so
what? Both those bands suck now. Somebody’s got to fill the void and Best The Simple Things does it very, very well.

Animals that SwimHappiness from a Distant Star I
was initially dissapointed with ATS’ third album, but have come to
really like it. Singer/drummer Hank Stars’ songs are like little movies
about the seedy side of London. All of which are set to jaunty little
tunes with plenty of trumpet.

Kingsbury ManxLet You Down Be
it Luna, Acetone or the early days of the Verve, I love the indie
stoner rock. The Kingsbury Manx do the dreamy, languid, hazy thing
better than just about anybody these days. That they write really good
songs with Lin Beach Boys harmonies doesn’t hurt either.

Best record of 2001 that didn’t get released: Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Also-rans: Super Furry AnimalsRings Around the World, New OrderGet Ready, PulpWe Love Life, ChameleonsWhy Call it Anything?, Rufus WainrightPoses, Echo & the BunnymenFlowers, Human LeagueSecrets, Radiohead live, Mercury RevAll Is Dream, I Am KlootNatural History, wholesale nba jerseys American Analog SetKnow By Heart, Trembling Blue StarsAlive to Every Smile, The StrokesIs This It, WeezerS/T, Kings of ConvenienceVersus, Gorky’s Zygotic MynciHow I LongTo Feel That Summer In My Heart, TravisThe Invisible Band, The AvalanchesSince I Left You, Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBMRC, White StripesWhite Blood Cells

Best live show: Sloan, Bowery Ballroom 11/19/2001

Travis – “Sing”
Jimmy Eat World – “Bleed American”
Belle and Sebastian – “I’m Waking Up to Us”
The Chameleons – “Miracles and Wonders”
Shins – “New Slang”

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